The Swenglish Project

A Brit renovating in Sweden

F´╗┐ollow along with the highs and lows of renovating a 100 year old house in Sweden.


Download plans

A lot of things are planned out first in SketchUp. You can get access to those resources on this site.

Project information

You can find more information than we are usually able to squeeze into a video.

Block based page creator

Block-based page creator with Previews

Create blocks and reuse them across different pages that can be created using Netlify CMS UI. Previews will be generated automatically for all blocks!

Premade components schema

Premade components & Netlify CMS settings

We've created a collection of basic UI elements, so you can quickly create new blocks and style them from a single component.

We did the same for Netlify CMS configuration. You can use basic fields to create new blocks quicker then ever!

Netlify CMS configuration with Henlo

Configuration exposed through Netlify CMS

No need to change configuration using gatsby-node.js or .env files!

Admins of the site can setup options using Netlify CMS's UI instead. This allows for reusable themes & templates